What you might ask is a swimwear man and that would be a very simple question to answer. Like me that would be any man turned on by wearing hot swimwear or seeing other men wearing insane spandex creations, may both. The swimsuit pictured on the side is fairly extreme sporting a penis shaped pouch on a small bikini. I would have no problem wearing this suit on the beach but the swimsuits I wear a far smaller, some of them actually make me look female, now that's extreme. If spandex swimwear gets you hot and maybe a little wet too then you have found the right site. We are swimwear freaks. We love showing off our equipment, in my case my very small equipment in flashy, skimpy, extremely sexy swimwear.

Swimwear man and his bikini boys.

Swimwear Man

Become a Swimwear Man

Most men would like to become the type of swimwear man who will look amazing when he slips in into a swimsuit to go enjoy some beach or poolside fun. Of course, if they do not look appealing to others when they wear swimsuits, they may want to think about things before they pull on just any old swimsuit, assuming that they are going to look fabulous no matter what the style. Honestly, for some men that is the truth. They can wear any type of swimsuit and will look stunning enough to stop traffic. For those men who are not confident enough of their bodies being seen in swimsuits; they may be calling negative attention to themselves by wearing baggy, outdated swim shorts or something of that sort. Just take stock of what you look like in whatever swimwear you choose to appear wearing in public. That is why it is very necessary to be sure that you are going to look amazing when you turn into the swimwear man you aim to be.

It's time to make a bold statement with your men's swimwear choices. We are here to help.

Swimwear Man