The swimwear man site is all about hot male models wearing the latest swimwear fashions. Sorry no boring shorts here. We will be featuring bikinis, thongs, sheer swimwear, racing swimsuits, Speedos, G-strings, Micro swimwear designs, short shorts and fetish spandex styles. If it is skin tight and gets your blood pressure up we will be showing it. Nothing is off limits. We will feature the newest men's anal style swimwear that features built in butt plugs and anal stretchers, male enhancement swimsuit designs that make your penis look as large as possible evening the field for men like me with smaller penises and on the other end of the spectrum will be the extremely popular new male to female transformation suits. Many a hot swimwear man are trying out these new styles to get in touch with their feminine sides. These suits actually reshape the penis into an extremely realistic vagina. They are erotic, sensual and great fun to wear. Enjoy the stories, photos, swimwear adventures and so much more.

Swimwear Man: Break into Modeling!

Have you ever looked through sports magazines or online catalogs and noticed how beautiful and fit the models are? Maybe you wanted to feel admired like the models in the magazines. Well, it is perfectly possible. If you want to become a swimwear man, there are dozens of sites online that can get you started. If you are fit and healthy and want to show off your body in a collection of different swimwear ranging from string bikinis to swim trunks, or even to G-strings and thongs, piece together a portfolio and send one in! Take a chance. Often, the same sites that offer these unique pieces of swimwear, need a swimwear model like you to show just how good it all can look! For a portfolio, take some professional pictures in different pieces of swim apparel and compose your resume. You may pick poolside or beach locations as backgrounds for your pictures. Find credible websites that offer a variety of swimwear and look into their career opportunities. Most modeling positions can be applied for online. Be smart, look good, and see if you can get your face out there!

The Most Popular Swimwear Man

If you are a man who strives to be the most popular swimwear man at any social gathering such as a swimwear party, you will also most likely be the one who will take the most time and energy into selecting the swimsuit you will wear to the gathering. That is the type of man who wants to stand out the most at these gatherings. He wants to be noticed by everyone who is also in attendance of these parties. He will do anything to get the best swimsuit to wear because he wants to stand out from all of the other attendants. If there are other hot bodies at this party, he wants to be the hottest, or possibly go home with the hottest body there. That is why he will spend as much time as he needs to search the shops and online websites for the perfect swimsuit to wear to the latest gathering that he has been invited to attend. It is because he cares that he spends so much time on his choice. He is certain to be a hit at all parties.

The Swimwear Man Lifestyle

Being a swimwear man takes a lot of time and effort. This is not a lifestyle where you can just roll out of bed and be successful. You have to spend hours every week combing through the internet looking for the perfect swimwear that will allow you to truly show off the best parts of your body. You have to make sure your body is sexy enough to display and do not forget the amount of time you have to spend trimming all that pubic hair. If you are one of those guys that is always on the go and can multi-task like a pro; then this is a lifestyle you can handle with little to no issues. On the other hand, if there is even an ounce of laziness in you, this might be the one lifestyle that brings you to your knees. Once you get a hold of your life and manage your time wisely, being a swimwear man can be one of the greatest achievements you have ever known. Some guys have even given up important promotions in their career so that they could spend more time on the beach wearing swimwear. You should keep that in mind as it has proved to be quite relaxing.

Swimwear Man

When people hear the term swimwear man, they either have an idea of what it is, or they categorize it in a way that makes sense for them. Basically, this is actually just a guy who wears swimsuits a lot. These men typically have a large stash of swimsuits and choose from them each time they visit their favorite swimming venues. The point is that these guys seem to have made a name for themselves by standing out in a crowd; in a positive way, of course. Men who wear swimsuits that show themselves to the advantage are thinking ahead. They know that the swimming venues they visit will have other swimmers whose attention they want to attract, and nothing is better to do that than wearing some great, sexy swimwear. Men who are open to the idea of wearing various types of swimsuits can be assured of meeting some new and exciting people by just showing who they are with their selections of swimwear.

Swimwear Man

Do you consider yourself to be a swimwear man? It is pretty simple to figure out that answer to this as there are only a very few questions that will help you realize if you are in that group of guys. First of all, do you enjoy swimming a lot and go to a venue where you can do that more than most of your friends? If the answer to that is a resounding YES, continue. Secondly, do you enjoy sitting around you home wearing swimsuits? One last question; are you excited to show off your newest acquisition while on the beach or somewhere else will give you to show off for people that really invite your attention. Now, if you have answered all those questions in an affirmative manner, why are you sitting around reading about the swimsuit that you could be purchasing right now? It is time to get out there and see the new styles. They are waiting for you!

Swimwear Man

If you want to become the hot, sexy swimwear man that struts along the beach or where your favorite swimming venue happens to be; you need to know just how to do that. Something important you also need to know is that it is not really all that difficult to get your body in the shape it needs to be in no matter what has fostered this belief. While it will take some effort on your part, you can  do it. Just how hard you need to work to get into your chosen swimwear will depend on the current shape of your body. Granted, there will always be men who have inherited good genes and are blessed with great bodies. Those guys are pretty lucky. What you may not know is that even these men usually have some sort of healthy regimen. So do not feel as if it is a lost cause. All you have to do is be determined and persevere to have the swimwear body you want.

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Swimwear Man

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