Super popular male to female transformation bikini by Koalaswim.

Todays spandex man is getting in touch with his feminine side. This style shows a flat girl like front rather than the lip look. You are going to see much more of both styles at the beach this summer.

 The swimwear man site is all about hot male models wearing the latest swimwear fashions. Sorry no boring shorts here. We will be featuring bikinis, thongs, sheer swimwear, racing swimsuits, Speedos, G-strings, Micro swimwear designs, short shorts and fetish spandex styles. If it is skin tight and gets your blood pressure up we will be showing it. Nothing is off limits. We will feature the newest men's anal style swimwear that features built in butt plugs and anal stretchers, male enhancement swimsuit designs that make your penis look as large as possible evening the field for men like me with smaller penises and on the other end of the spectrum will be the extremely popular new male to female transformation suits. Many a hot swimwear man are trying out these new styles to get in touch with their feminine sides. These suits actually reshape the penis into an extremely realistic vagina. They are erotic, sensual and great fun to wear. Enjoy the stories, photos, swimwear adventures and so much more.

Swimwear Man: Break into Modeling!

Have you ever looked through sports magazines or online catalogs and noticed how beautiful and fit the models are? Maybe you wanted to feel admired like the models in the magazines. Well, it is perfectly possible. If you want to become a swimwear man, there are dozens of sites online that can get you started. If you are fit and healthy and want to show off your body in a collection of different swimwear ranging from string bikinis to swim trunks, or even to G-strings and thongs, piece together a portfolio and send one in! Take a chance. Often, the same sites that offer these unique pieces of swimwear, need a swimwear model like you to show just how good it all can look! For a portfolio, take some professional pictures in different pieces of swim apparel and compose your resume. You may pick poolside or beach locations as backgrounds for your pictures. Find credible websites that offer a variety of swimwear and look into their career opportunities. Most modeling positions can be applied for online. Be smart, look good, and see if you can get your face out there!


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Men's swimwear is hot and the new trends like micro shorts, tiny thongs and men's bikinis are changing what is considered mainstream swimwear for men. Todays swimwear man has lots of choices. He can go with skin tight form fitting short shorts or a micro thong that barely covers a thing allowing him to get an awesome tan and to look sexy as hell.

Swimwear Man

It's time to make a bold statement with your men's swimwear choices. We are here to help.